Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture

Architectural and Engineering, Site investigation, Surveys & Preliminary studies of existing site contouring.

Nursery Showroom & Retail
Nursery Showroom & Retail

Large physical nursery showroom with tons of species of plants and botany, as well as Singapore's largest online plant E-Store.

Golf Course Design & Built
Golf Course Design & Built

End to end Project management & supervision, Practical completion & handling over, Testing & commissioning.

Swimming Pool & Water Feature
Swimming Pool & Water Feature

Identify water sources and availability infrastructure, Conceptual design & preliminary design.

We’re Hawaii Landscape, We Know Landscaping & Plants Best!

Hawaii Landscape is a pioneer and leading veteran in the landscaping architectural scene with business primarily in Singapore, and a firm foothold in the Asean region since 1968. We execute a vast range of diverse landscaping projects from small to large scale, and have a physical nursery as our retail front at Thomson.

Our Portfolio of Projects, Awards & Nursery Showcase

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When you think landscape


We turn landscape concepts into reality. We skillfully intertwine elements of creative greenery with nature to enliven outdoor landscapes. Be it a new landscaping project or major landscape revamp, Hawaii Landscape will deliver a pleasing and habitable environment.

Our Competitive Advantage

To obtain an efficient, economical, functional design, we implement a strict process:

Architectural & Engineering

Site investigation & Surveys

Preliminary studies of existing site contouring

Identify water sources & availability infrastructure

Site utilization & land use

Conceptual design and preliminary design

Construction drawings and details

Maintenance works

Beautiful Plants You Can Get From our E-Store Nursery