At Hawaii Landscape, Green architectural design is becoming a prevailing green building trend in Singapore’s vision to transform into a sustainable liveable city. Smart design for green homes and offices has incorporated environmentally friendly landscape elements such as living green wall, green roof and stormwater management; echoing global green movement practices.

This green wall concept differentiates the property visually while it helps to create a cleaner air and lush environment for any living space, both indoor and outdoor. With a low-maintenance irrigation system, our proprietary designs and systems for vertical green walls include structural as well as non-structural claddings. Our unique systems are also designed for portability to be used in temporary displays. Low costs with high impact, our vertical green walls are built to last and to leverage on the numerous benefits that vertical green walls offer.

Our Green Solution service offerings include an integrated package of Design; Structures; Waterproofing and Drainage; Plant Selection and Growing Medium; Special Lighting, Aftercare/Maintenance and Installation.