Seeds: Oily Green Winged Bean

Seeds: Oily Green Winged Bean

Number of Seeds: ? 5 gm Seeds
Maturity: 45 days

VE-010. In stock .

Care Guide

Hawaii Landscape 8 Easy Steps to Sowing Seeds

Step 1: Find some trays or pots

You can sow seeds in a proper seed tray or use a cookie tin, flower pot or similar.

Step 2: Fill the seed container with seed compost

It’s best to buy proper compost to increase the chances of germination if only a small number of seeds are supplied in a packet.

Step 3: Moisten the surface of the compost

Moisten the surface of the compost with a mist spray.

Step 4: Sprinkle the seeds evenly over the compost

Sprinkle the seeds over the compost from the palm of your hand using your finger. Don’t cover small seeds as it can smother them.

Step 5: Cover the seed tray

Cover the seed tray to prevent the compost drying out. This also keep the seeds dark, which aids germination.

Step 6: Uncover the seedlings once they germinate

It’s important to uncover the seedlings and expose them to light once they germinate, otherwise they will rapidly become straggly.

Step 7: Transplant the seedlings

Once the seedlings have a few pairs of “true leaves”, they can be transplanted into individual pots.

Step 8: Plant Out

Once plants have reached the stage where roots are starting to emerge from the bottom of the pot, they can be planted out to their final location.

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