Ixora (Red)

Ixora (Red)


Common Name: Ixora
Botanical Name: Ixora

Ixora is a bush type plant usually grown in warm countries as it requires a warm climate. Ixora blossoms as clusters of bright flowers in various colours. It is easy to take care of this plant and can be grown conveniently in gardens.

There are a large number of plants that exist as shrubs or minor trees. The plants with the low height covers the undergrowth of the forests in the warm dry regions. Ixora is used for medicine while can be used for outdoor decoration as well.

03041-9-TFS. diameter 30cm x height 40cm In stock .

Care Guide

Hawaii Landscape Care Guide for Outdoor Plants:
1) Make sure your plants are getting enough sunlight. The most important thing for healthy plants is the perfect amount of sunlight. Some outdoor plants are sun-lovers, while others prefer more of the shade.
2) Water them on a regular basis. Outdoor plants tend to be a bit hardier than indoor plants (because they typically have to be indigenous), but that doesn?t mean that they don?t need plenty of water. Set up an automatic sprinkler system if you can. Water small to medium plants on a daily basis. Water trees and shrubs once a week.
3) Make sure your plants are getting plenty of food. If your plants are looking a bit drab, they may not be getting the necessary nutrients from the soil.
4) Keep weeds at bay. Weeding is a task few enjoy, but it is necessary in order to properly care for you plants and keep them looking healthy.
5) Dead-head and prune your plants when necessary. Although you may not want to cut back the size of your plants, it is important to cut off dead flowers and branches as well as sickly looking parts of your plants.
6) Kill off insects, slugs, and snails. Find an organic insecticide to use on your plants, or use predatory insects that eat the plant-eating bugs for an all-natural alternative.

Please note as a disclaimer: This is a general care guide based on best practice for this plant. As a natural product, there can be factors that influence the growth of your plant. We cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects on your plant, even if you follow the care guide.

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Dimensions 30 x 40 cm

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