Potting Orchids – Choosing the Right Pot

Potting orchids is a great way to start the road towards caring for your orchids the right way. But the challenge that we face is on choosing the right pot to use. This won’t be a difficult task since there are so many orchid pots to choose from. The problem with a lot of people nowadays when choosing the orchid pot is they place more emphasis on the look and appearance of the pot rather than putting importance on the size of the pot. Orchids are very delicate creatures and you need really prioritize the kind of pot that you choose it to be in. Let’s explore are few important things that you need to take into account when choosing the right orchid pots.

Size of your pot
You need to be sure the pot isn’t too small. If it is larger than what is needed, the likelihood of water settling inside and staying there for a long time is high. Take note that orchids are air plants and they do not need to be planted in soil. Orchids do need water from time to time but their roots should not be overly submerged in water. On the other end, you should not choose a pot that is too small because if you do, there won’t be enough room for the roots to grow properly. Bottom line, you need to choose a pot that is just right for your orchids. Some orchid growers may take this for granted but the size of your pot can actually determine if your orchid will survive or not.

Material of your pot
The first step towards successfully potting orchids is determining the right size of the pot. The next phase is determining good and durable pots that will facilitate healthy and steady growth for your orchids. This is another crucial aspect. Some orchid growers use a variety of pots for your orchids; from pots to terracotta. Some use pots made from nets as they are more suitable for growing bigger plants. Choosing the right material for your pot can be very tricky. Most experts recommend pots made from nets as they have excellent drainage. Drainage is a very important factor to consider because without adequate drainage, the orchids’ roots will drown with too much water.

This is the third and final consideration for your pot. There are so many styles and designs that you can choose for your pot. You need to consider if the pot that you choose will look food in your garden. Aesthetically speaking, the pot must serve its purpose and that is to make your garden look much more beautiful.

Setting aside all the three factors that were just mentioned, you also need to consider your budget. Potting orchids is a great way to get started on the orchid growing business but the capacity of your wallet should always exert a great influence on what pot/s you should choose. If you think the pots that you choose will challenge your budget a bit then you need to analyze a bit if the investment will yield the results you seek. It won’t hurt to consider other people’s opinion.